plexWell™ library prep kits

True multiplexing with plexWell scalable RNA library prep kits

The simple and scalable plexWell™ workflow provides a true multiplexing solution for preparing NGS libraries for up to thousands of samples with dependable consistency across samples and limited handling steps downstream. Harness the power of the Rapid Single Cell Prep Kit and multiplex over a thousand single cells for sequencing in a single-day workflow.


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Features and Benefits of “True Multiplexing”

Create balanced library pools without a sample or library normalization with plexWell™ library prep technology. The precision multiplexing technology results in uniform insert size distributions and sample read counts with minimal bias. The simplified 3-hour workflow can multiplex thousands of samples in a single sequencing run while simultaneously improving overall sequencing performance.

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Actionable Benefits

  • Multiplex 100’s to 1000’s of samples in a single sequencing run
  • Save time by eliminating input and library quant
  • Achieve uniform insert size and sample read counts
  • No additional or extra equipment needed


Uniform insert size distributions & sample read counts down to RNA inputs of 1 ng

Simple & Fast

Only 3 Steps to Multiplex 1000’s of samples and get same-day results


Built-in normalization with every kit

The Powerful Technology of plexWell Rapid Single Cell Prep Kit

In a single day, turn sorted cells or low RNA inputs into a full-length, sequencing-ready transcriptome library. The Rapid Single Cell Prep Kit allows you the freedom to better allocate your time and resources. The novel auto-normalization technology included in Rapid Single Cell reduces the effort required to QC and dilutes samples before library prep, eliminating a common bottleneck in single transcriptome projects while simultaneously improving data quality and reducing costs. 

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Unique Multiplexing Features

  • Streamlined cDNA synthesis and iterative barcoding
  • Reproducible sensitivity  across transcript lengths and expression levels
  • Auto-normalized results, even for ultra-low inputs 
  • No Specialized Equipment Needed


Detect more genes per cell, including both high-abundance and low-abundance gene sequences

One Day Turnover

Fewer reagents, shorter incubation times and reduced sample handling that comes with true multiplexing results in more powerful libraries in less time

No Specialized Equipment needed

Built-in auto-normalization with every kit means a balanced library fast with no additional equipment