Mission Bio Tapestri Platform

The only single-cell multi-omics platform for genotype and phenotype


Mission Bio’s Tapestri: The Precision Genomics Platform™ is the first and only instrument that starts with tissue and ends with thousands of individually barcoded cell libraries ready for NGS, so you can target genetic variability on the single-cell level.

Cutting-edge technology


If you perform bulk sequencing, you may be missing out on significant information. For instance, if you uncover two mutations within a population of cancer cells, you can’t determine whether those two mutations represent distinct populations, a single population with both mutations, or some combination of both. 


With Mission Bio’s Tapestri Platform, you don’t have to guess at the composition of a heterogenous tissue sample. Tapestri libraries, created from oil- encapsulated cells, can produce up to 10,000 individually barcoded cells simultaneously and fed into traditional sequencing workflows. It’s single cell sequencing in ultra high-throughput. 


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Actionable Benefits

  • simple workflow
  • compatible with any tissue type
  • identify mutation co-occurrence
  • detect rare cell populations
  • measure zygosity
  • track clonal evolution in cancer

ompatible with any tissue typeidentify mutation cooccurrencedetect rare cell populationsmeasure zygositytrack clonal evolution in cancer

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