Douglas Scientific IntelliQube Automated qPCR System

Save time, save costs, save the planet

Automate your qPCR workflow from sample prep to data analysis. The IntelliQube system is a liquid handling robot, real-time thermal cycler, tip washer, and data analysis tool all in one. With IntelliQube, reagents and samples go in, absolute/relative quantification comes out.

Cutting-edge technology

The key to the IntelliQube technology is the polymer array tapes that enable reactions at sub-microliter volumes (800nL) in 96, 384, or 768-well formats. 

Automated liquid handling dispenses reagents and sample. The plate is then sealed and moved to a thermal block. While the samples are cycling, tips are washed via fluid agitation. The IntelliQube platform then generates standard curves for relative or absolute quantification.

The built-in wash system lets you run samples multiple times before changing tips without carryover. The microvolume array tapes perform reactions in less than 1µl total volume. Together, the wash system and tapes enables you to reduce both plastic waste and consumable and reagent costs.

Actionable Benefits

  • walkaway operation
  • 99.7% efficiency 
  • minimal variability – standard deviation <0.09
  • lower sample inputs
  • increased throughput
  • reduced reagent costs
  • reduced consumable costs
  • reduced plastic waste

Minimal differences in target quality well-to-well variability required sample input limit of detection

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